Watch your space come to life, all online! 


- Here's how it works -

First, fill out the questionnaire.  Once we have established your budget and the direction of your design project, you will email us with pictures of the room.  We will provide you with an "easy to follow" template of your room indicating what measurements we need.  Then we will get to work on creating a preliminary design concept.   You will have the freedom to provide your own feedback throughout the entire process allowing you to fine-tune until you are 100% satisfied.  

Here is what you get

Design Concept Board:  We understand that the biggest challenge client's are faced with is being able to visualize the final look.  Our design concept boards will allow you to see all your components come together. 

Shopping List: Our thorough and organized shopping list will guide you through your design concept board, with links to take you right to the source.  

Furniture Plan: You will be provided with a detailed furniture plan indicating the location of all your pieces.  

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